January-2019 - AR finances the purchase of CNC machines for the San Vincenzo Patronato in Bergamo

AR di Ratti Adelio has always believed in training to achieve excellence, for this reason he decided to participate in the renovation project of the AFP Tools laboratory of the Patronato San Vincenzo of Bergamo through the financing for the purchase of new CNC machine tools installed.

July-2018 - DMG Mori NZX2500Y Turning Center

Installed the DMG Mori NZX2500Y lathe, configured with driven tools also on the second turret and with double 70 bar cooling pump to increase the possibilities of deep drilling and productive profitability. It is equipped with the new Celos control for complete integration into the 4.0 industry system present in the company.

January-2018 - High Precision Turning and Milling Center DMGMori NT4300 DCG

Installed the new High Precision Turning and Milling Center DMGMori NT4300 DCG, 5 AXIS MACHINING TURNING MILL D.600 mm x 1580 mm length x 420 mm Y axis +/- 210 mm. Complete with additional tool holder turret for simultaneous machining with main spindle or tool change time reductions.